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  Our inflatable bubble ball comes in three sizes which are perfect for children, teens/adults, and large adults. With two choices of material to chose from and a large range of bubble suit colours to chose from along with the choice of coloured spots on the inflatable bubble ball with the optional addition of your own bubble football logo to compliment your business identity, this will allow you to stand out from your competition and have yourself an established name for your bubble soccer company which can easily be remembered by your customers when they tell their friends and family...

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  Max Leisure is the leading football zorbing store in the UK. We have helped hundreds of bubble football business start ups get off the ground and helped hundreds more existing companies expand their business and diversify their services. We have rapidly established ourselves as the ‘go to’ company in the industry. Unfortunately with so many poorly manufactured bubble football suits unfit for purpose flooding the market, more and more of our customers are selecting Max Leisure as we have a great reputation for reliability and quality which results in eliminating the risk of buying poor football body zorbs. When...

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Bubble Soccer is also referred to as ‘Bubble football’, ‘bubble footy’, ‘zorb soccer’, zorb football’ and ‘bubble ball’ is the latest craze worldwide which refuses to slow down. It is a fun and chaotic experience which does not require set skill levels and can cater for children, adults and large adults. Due to the high profit margins and extremely low costs bubble soccer suits are taking over soccer pitches and local fields globally providing people with fun, laughter, banter, screams and thrills. We provide bubble balls to many new and existing companies that have decided to incorporate bubble soccer into their...

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  Bubble football is also referred to as ‘bubble soccer’, ‘bubble footy’, ‘zorb soccer’, zorb football’ and ‘bubble ball’. Like regular football the game is played with two even teams with the aim of outscoring your opponent. The major difference between regular football and bubble football is recklessly crashing into and wiping your opponent clean off their feet is encouraged. This makes for a high paced and frantic fun game, which consists of great laughs, screams, banter and a whole lot of mid flight air time!! Due to the nature of the sport and being wrapped inside a zorb means...

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Bubble Suit Supplier We are the most reliable and leading suppliers of bubble football suits in the UK. We are UK based and offer free worldwide shipping on our bubble soccer equipment that meet all EU manufacturing standards. The main cities were customers buy zorb footballs from in the UK are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield. Leading Supplier Of Bubble Footballs Max Leisure has rapidly grown to be one of the leading suppliers of bubble football suits and inflatable equipment in the market due to our low cost and extremely high quality and durable products. 65% of our new customers...

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