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A few of our customers reviews

We only bought this product last week and it arrived exactly on time. At first we were worried as it wasn't in a huge box as we imagined but today we used it for the first time and it's the perfect size. Having only taken a few minutes to set up. Packing away was a doddle too. we can't wait to use it again. Highly recommended.

Zorb Balls

This was such an excellent purchase. When we realized it would cost as much to buy this as it would to rent one for two hours in our town we went ahead with the purchase. We have used it multiple times and it's so easy to put up and inflate as well as to de-inflate.

Inflatable Foot Pool

Absolutely great! Kids love it, much more interesting than the usual Seems very robust, should last for years. Obviously it's pricey, but if you are doing fairs or similar this could set you apart from the rest.

Inflatable Penalty Shootout

We purchased this inflatable penalty shoot out in Aug of 2016 for our two kids and have used it regularly ever since, even loaning it out to friends. It has proven to be a really outstanding product. The kids love it. It is easy to set up and take down. It has proven durable.

Inflatable Pub

Bought this as I am hosting an event next week. The inflatable pub has arrived on time and looks perfect. I inflated it to see how long it takes and it is amazing, only takes a few minutes and the same to take down.

Inflatable Dartboard

We bought these for a garden party we're hosting soon but the little ones have been practicing and have had a lot of fun with them. They're surprisingly easy to score with and very safe for young children. All in all we're very pleased with the set.

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