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Max Leisure is the leading football zorbing store in the UK. We have helped hundreds of bubble football business start ups get off the ground and helped hundreds more existing companies expand their business and diversify their services.

We have rapidly established ourselves as the ‘go to’ company in the industry. Unfortunately with so many poorly manufactured bubble football suits unfit for purpose flooding the market, more and more of our customers are selecting Max Leisure as we have a great reputation for reliability and quality which results in eliminating the risk of buying poor football body zorbs.

When starting a bubble football company or offering this recreation as part of an extra service it is important to buy football zorb balls that are manufactured to the very highest standards. We have a vigorous quality control testing at our facilities which ensures every square inch of each and every bubble football suit is perfect and ready for commercial use before we dispatch.

We have set packages available of zorbing footballs for sale which are based upon our most frequent orders over the last 12 months. We without a doubt offer the very best body zorb sale in the market based upon our current prices. We welcome all custom orders, there is no order too big or too small for us to arrange for you.

We pride ourselves so much on helping new bubble football companies to get started that we go the extra mile to offer you the services of our very own web design team to create your company website to allow you to focus on the day to day operation of your company without the hassle of updating and maintaining a website too. No other supplier in the industry offers the services Max Leisure provides.

For more information please feel free to contact us today. We are always happy to help our future partners.

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