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Inflatable Bubble Footballs

The zorb soccer equipment is available in both PVC and TPU material in addition to optional customisation of the bubble soccer suits to suit your requirements.

Enjoy our commercial grade bubble footballs which have a long standing reputation for durability, quality and reliability.

Each Bubble Football Set comes with:

  • Free customisation by personalising the colours and adding your logo
  • Free electric air blower
  • Free worldwide shipping


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Zorb Balls For Sale

Are you looking to add some fun factor to the annual community games held in your village or town? Do you want to enjoy football but with some incredibly creative twists? Have you ever thought of using zorb balls for playing football? Well, if you’ve ever wondered about all this then you should certainly try zorb football. This is an awesome game that gives you the opportunity to get into the fun space without even trying hard!

Get zorb football and play this amazing game wherein players get inside the zorb balls and kick around the football just as you did while playing traditional football. Bubble football, as is zorb football popularly known in various countries, has managed to grip the imagination of a generation. This game is an incredible example of providing some unimaginable twist to the world’s most popular game.

We sell high-quality PVC Zorb suits and Zorb balls for playing the highly popular game of Zorb football in your unique style. Inflatable Zorb football game is immensely popular across the globe and some creative heads are adding more twists and turns to take the gaming experience to a new level. You can buy inflatable bubble footballs from us with absolute confidence.

We have a highly creative designing team that ensures you receive the best design available in the market. Bubble footballs designed by us are unique in look and feel that gives you the opportunity to run a unique show in front of your colleagues and friends.

Bumper Balls For Adults

Zorb Balls, Bumper Balls and Bubble football suits! A fast-growing sport across the globe that keeps the player’s safe inside of an inflated bumper ball similar to zorb soccer balls, which encases the player’s upper-body allowing him or her to bump into other players with comical results.

Protected in the bubble football suit the player’s bounce into each other tackling for possession with the intention of scoring goals for their team. Bubble football is played amongst friends, family and colleagues for parties, team building exercises, stag/bachelor parties, corporate events and special occasions to name a few.

Got a question about our Bubble Footballs Suits? You can contact us with any enquiries you may have.

Bumper Balls For Sale

Buy bumper balls to add a dash of fun to celebratory events like anniversaries, birthday parties and even corporate events. However, you will need a large open space like an open ground or a park where you can actually place these balls. Since the ultimate fun is in getting inside the balls and rolling like a crazy person, so you will need a large open space for maximum fun.

Installing the bubble footballs is super-easy as all you will need to do inflate it using the blower, which takes only a couple of minutes.

This is an awesome game where each player has to get inside the zorb balls and then start playing by kicking the ball. You need to dodge past the other players to put the football into your opponent’s goal. This is a crazy game where you will keep hitting your opponents and falling on the floor. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

You can arrange zorb football tournaments during the corporate events and set precedence for team building exercises in the funniest manner. Imagine the VPs of your company running around in the zorb suits and zorb balls and falling like nine pins every time they hit the other players.

Zorb Ball Soccer

Getting inside zorb balls and then kicking the soccer ball sounds like serious fun. Doesn’t it? Well, for the soccer lovers around the world, giving the traditional soccer a twist of their own has always been a usual practice. In line with this trend, modern soccer has been given a grand-twist by using the zorb balls.

Now, when you get inside the zorb ball and play soccer things become even more interesting. In fact, you have an entire team running around half-covered in zorb balls and hitting each other. Bouncing off after hitting other players and falling down is simply hilarious, which is why this game is incredibly funny and exciting.

Bubble Suits

Buy online bubble football suits with minimum hassle because all you will need to do is choose bubble footballs that you wish to buy and make an online payment to close the order. Our experienced customer care executives will certainly guide you during your online purchase. It’s easier to complete an online order with us because we have a dedicated staff to take care of you requirements.

If you have any customized requirements then you can place an order with us for that as well. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes to place an online order on our website.

Bumper Ball Suits

Football enthusiasts across the globe have fallen in love with the zorb balls because they offer them a unique and satisfying experience. You will get to play your favorite game in a completely different way. While playing zorb football you will get the same adrenaline rush as you get while playing traditional football. The zorb football game is the best way to unwind when you are highly stressed. Call in your colleagues or your friends for a great game of zorb football.

Even organizations can help their employees beat stress from time to time by indulging in this fun game. Zorb football is not just a game; it’s a tool for relaxing and at the same time team building. Participants will get the opportunity to struggle and stand on their feet every time they fall and that would help them pull up their real strength from within. Since, this game has to be played as a team so every player will get the opportunity to enjoy their team building exercise without even realizing it.

Human Bubble Balls

We leave no stone unturned to ensure total customer satisfaction and this is why we sell only the best human bubble balls. Bubble balls have unique designs that provide ultimate safety from all types shocks and injuries. Thus, you can indulge in this game without worrying about hurting yourself or your opponents. Get into as many ugly tackles as possible because you’re completely safe while you’re inside the human bubble balls.

Bubble Soccer For Sale

Irrespective of whether you’re a die-hard soccer enthusiast or simply a teenager looking for some fun; you’ll love the experience of indulging in the game of bubble soccer. This game provides equal fun, enjoyment and satisfaction to everyone and anyone. Age is not a constraint for anyone who wants to have some fun with bubble soccer balls.

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