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Bubble Football


Bubble football is also referred to as ‘bubble soccer’, ‘bubble footy’, ‘zorb soccer’, zorb football’ and ‘bubble ball’. Like regular football the game is played with two even teams with the aim of outscoring your opponent.

The major difference between regular football and bubble football is recklessly crashing into and wiping your opponent clean off their feet is encouraged. This makes for a high paced and frantic fun game, which consists of great laughs, screams, banter and a whole lot of mid flight air time!!

Due to the nature of the sport and being wrapped inside a zorb means that the game can get pretty exhausting. Bubble football is either played in two short halves or split into quarters to allow players to replenish their fluids, cool off by removing the bubble suits and conserve their energy for a short period before jumping straight back into the carnage.

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