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Bubble Football FAQ

Q - How much is delivery to my country?

A - Max Leisure offers free delivery worldwide on all of our Bubble Football purchases no matter how large or small the order quantity.

Q - Is there a warranty with my order?

A - All our bubble footballs are inflated, examined and tested for faults before delivery, only when we know the products are in perfect working order do we dispatch. If any faults occur during transit or within the first week of use we will replace immediately at no extra cost to you the customer.

Q - How long will delivery of my Bubble Footballs take after being ordered?

A - The average delivery time for Bubble Football deliveries is usually between 10-15 days. All of your purchases are made to order due to all of our clients having different and very specific requests on over 90% of purchases.

Q - Can I see product pictures?

A - You can find product images on each individual product listing on our website.

Q - What size can I order?

A - We offer three different sizes of Bubble Footballs 1.2 kids / 1.5 adults / 1.8 extra large adults

Q - Do different sizes cost different prices?

A - No, the prices remain the same for all of our Bubble Footballs regardless of size.

Q - What is TPU material and why does it cost more than PVC Bubble Footballs?

A - Our simplistic answer to this question is that TPU is a better quality material in terms of quality, strength, durability, longevity and it is more environmentally friendly than PVC.
TPU is more expensive due to it being a much higher quality than PVC.

Q - Can the Bubble Footballs be used outdoor and indoor?

A - Yes our Bubble Footballs are extremely durable and weather resistant meaning you take advantage of both indoor and outdoor facilities to run your business. We oversee the whole manufacturing process and ensure the Bubble Footballs are made to the highest quality so our clients do not need to worry about wear and tear.

Q - Can I have my company logo on the Bubble Footballs?

A - Yes this is an option available to our customers. Please check our business packages as paying for a company logo allows you the additional option of choosing your custom colour(s) of the actual Bubble Football too.

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