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Inflatable Foot Pool Table

Played on a giant inflatable pool table, Foot Pool is played just like traditional billiards except that players kick the balls rather than striking them with a cue stick.

Benefits of each set include:

  • Ability to customise your inflatable pool table with personalised colours and logos
  • Free size "5" football pool balls
  • Free Electric air blower
  • Ease of transport due to lightweight construction
  • Free worldwide shipping


Choose from the sizes below:

Customise Foot Pool Guarantee

The world's best foot pool tables

Take them anywhere!

What is SnookBall?

Football Pool is also referred to as Snook Pool, SnookBall and Foot Pool. It is a new sport that combines football and pool resulting in hilarious fun with family, friends and colleagues. This new sport/game is taking the UK, USA and the world by storm having been featured on The Sports Bible and shared thousands of times on social media.

Football pool is a fresh and exciting new sport that is played within a giant inflatable pool table, by using your feet you must ‘kick’ the football into the giant pockets.

Usual rules of pool apply with a twist; you can play with four players and pass the ball between your teammate opening opportunities to pocket the football.

The giant inflatable Football Pool tables are ideal for corporate events, festivals, family events, birthday parties, and weddings. Suitable for players of all ages and abilities!

Why buy Snook Pool tables from Max Leisure?

Our football pool tables are lightweight and easy to transport; they can be setup using the included electric air blower within minutes. Listed below are more reasons to buy your SnookBall table from Max Leisure:

- Available in 3 sizes (4.2m x 2.58m, 7.8m x 4.8m, 10m x 6m)

- Ability to customise your football pool table with colours and logos

- Full-size football pool table

- Free Football Pool balls included

- Electric air blower included

- Lightweight and easy to transport

- Free worldwide shipping available

Buy a snook pool table

Looking to buy a giant Snook Ball table? You are in the right place with Max Leisure. With our help, you will be able to access a wide range of foot pool tables for sale.

With customisation options, available you can tailor the foot pool table to your requirements and liking. With the outside walls, inner walls and pockets being customisable you can add your corporate branding or fancy design. Ideal for showcasing your brand or business at events.

We offer the best Snookball tables on the market ensuring you don’t have to worry about the quality or durability of our SnookBall tables.

Max Leisure offers international shipping on all of our giant Football Pool tables. Don’t hesitate to get in touch right now to acquire the ultimate foot pool table offering on the market.

Snookball Dimensions

We offer 3 different standard sized Snookball tables to buy from Max Leisure and we can even create you a custom sized table if you require.

The snookball dimensions for the table are:


Small Snookball table

4.2m X 2.58m (13.7ft x 8.4ft)

We can fully customise this with your own colours for:

Inner Walls
Outer Walls

Medium Snookball table

7.8m X 4.8m (25.5ft x 13.1ft)

We can fully customise this with your own colours for:

Inner Walls
Outer Walls

Large Snookball table

10m X 6m (32.8ft x 19.6ft)

We can fully customise this with your own colours for:

Inner Walls
Outer Walls
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