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Inflatable Buildings

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Portable Photo Booths

You can buy and install an inflatable photo booth at your event to make things more enjoyable and interesting for your guests. Raise the fun level by offering props to your guests while they take some memorable photos.

Each Photo Booth includes:

  • Free customisation by personalising the colours and adding your logo
  • Free props
  • Free electric air blower
  • Free carry bag
  • Free worldwide shipping


Choose from the styles below:

Customise Photo Booth Guarantee

The world's best Inflatable Photo Booths

Take them anywhere!

Buy Inflatable Buildings

Inflatables such as domes, gazebos, cubes, tunnels and Inflatable Photo Booths are very popular and can be designed for you and created. Our bespoke inflatables are designed, created and shipped worldwide week in and week out.

Our design team factor in all of the customers needs, often going the extra mile working through the night to make sure all requirements are met.

Bespoke Inflatable Structures for Sale

We have a huge range of inflatable buildings that can be made for you.

Any colour, size and shape can be designed and created for you. We really do have the best team in place to fulfil your needs. We also don't charge you any extra for delivery which keeps the cost down for you.

Where Can I Buy Inflatable Buildings?

Here at Max Leisure we create the biggest and the best inflatable buildings. Our team can design and provide the inflatable for your event, providing you with 2D and 3D previews. We can make inflatables ranging from 2 meters high to a massive 20 meters high.

During our consultancy we can provide you with expert advice for your project.

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