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Giant Inflatable Foot Darts for sale

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Inflatable Foot / Golf Darts

Our blow-up dartboard and foot darts are wildly popular for community and private events, functions, and parties. Attendees and partygoers just can’t resist the temptation to play when they see a giant blow-up dartboard.

Each Complete Kick Darts Set Includes:

  • 6 Balls
  • 1 Extendable Pole + net (to reach the numbers located at the top of blow-up dartboard)
  • 1 Electric Air Blower
  • Sand Bags
  • Free Worldwide Shipping


Choose from the sizes below:

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Football Darts/ Kick Darts For Sale

You wouldn’t automatically put football, golf and darts together, but you’d be missing out on a ridiculous amount of fun if you didn’t. The football darts boards, or kick darts boards as they’re also known, that we have for sale are guaranteed to bring out the competitive streak in you.

The idea behind it is simplicity itself - you have a giant inflatable dart board with a traditional layout and you keep score like a game of darts. The twist is that instead of throwing darts at it you kick special footballs at it or hit special tennis ball-sized golf balls at them instead.

Whether you want to improve your kicking accuracy, improve your golf swing to bring down your handicap, or just have a laugh with your friends, the kick darts board provides hours of entertainment. They are tough and durable, take just minutes to inflate, and are available in three different configurations;

  • Style A - - This is the style from the video with the F2 freestylers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9HSmh4SbLY). It is 18 ft in size, single sided only and made out of reinforced oxford cotton material. It’s secured at the rear with rope through the anchor points around the edge of the inflatable. This type of board needs a constant air supply.
  • Style B - - Can be double sided if you want it to be and is made out of a heavy duty PVC 0.4 material. This style of kick darts board stands well on its own with the 'inflatable legs' and can still be secured with rope through the anchor points around the side of the inflatable. This board also needs a constant air supply.
  • Style C - This style is the smallest that we offer but still comes in at a whopping 15 ft tall. Style C is inflated with the provided electric air pump before you use it and is air tight. This style of board stands well on its own with the 'inflatable legs' but can still be secured with rope through the anchor points around the side of the inflatable for extra stability. Also available as a double sided option.

Inflatable Soccer Dart Board For Sale

What do football, darts and golf all have in common? They all rely on pinpoint accuracy to achieve scoring. Practice makes perfect, so how can you combine all three of these sports in one package? The inflatable soccer dart board is your answer and there are a number of different options for sale to best suit your needs.

The board comes complete with six balls. These can either be giant tennis balls to be used as footballs, or regular-sized tennis balls to be used with golf clubs. They also come with an extendable net pole to catch all those slices shots and Chris Waddle penalty specials!

The inflatable itself is hard wearing and versatile and can be transported easily. Even the largest board that we offer fits comfortably inside an average family car.

We have thousands and thousands of happy customers. This is best shown in our customer reviews - every one of which is a perfect score of five stars out of five. There are a multitude of different ways and events that a football/darts kick/darts inflatable can be used;

  • You might be an entrepreneur with a view to renting the kick dart board out for parties and events once you have bought it
  • For use at a local community leisure centre
  • As part of the facilities at a golf driving range
  • As part of a training drill at football practice to improve accuracy and technique
  • At charity fun days

The list is endless and the best part is that they are for sale with custom logos of your choice at no additional charge. Put your hire business name and phone number on them, sponsor a local event with your company logo or maybe even the crest of your local football team to instill passion within the players.

What Is Kick Darts?

So, what is kick darts? Kick darts, or football darts as it sometimes known, is the latest sports craze that combines skill, accuracy and a lot of belly-laughs! With the use of a giant velcro-covered inflatable dart board and some specialist footballs or tennis balls, you can go head-to-head with your teammates and friends and see who really has the most accurate leg or club swing.

It’s all about combining fun with Compete amongst yourselves to see who can be the first to hit a double top or the all-important bullseye. Get the competitive friendly rivalry going by making things interesting like the F2 Freestylers and wear blindfolds. Even funnier is placing your forehead on your golf club, spinning around it five times and then attempting to take your shot.

The kick darts boards are a superb way to promote practice, development of skills and encouraging physical activity. By introducing a fun element into golfing target practice or penalty-taking practice, it actively helps the players to become better at what they are doing. Football dart boards are used by professional football clubs like Aston Villa FC and Miami FC to develop their skill set to make them a more effective and accurate passing team. It makes the players want to work harder and get a higher score than their teammates.

We offer these dart boards for sale in different configurations according to your needs. They can be supplied with or without generators and foot pumps are also available on request. They are the ultimate combination of fun and sports and are safe and suitable for all ages.

Blow Up Soccer Dart Board

Blow up soccer darts boards have become phenomenally popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Easy to inflate and then pack away, they are the ultimate draw at any social event. Put a group of people together, man, woman or child, and tell them to take their best shot and instantly the competitive streak comes out.

Take aim with our giant tennis balls and try to kick your way to the top of the strikers list, or use our regular-sized tennis balls and see if your trusty seven iron can help you chip your way to the top of the leaderboard. But it’s not all about who can score the highest amount of points - the reason they are so popular is because they are ridiculous amounts of fun.

In the end you may do more falling over laughing than getting shots on target. In fact, we dare you to have a go or watch someone having a go and keep a straight face! The football/darts boards that we offer for sale are velcro-covered, and the balls are lightweight so they are 100% safe to use around children.

The blow up dart boards are available in either single sided or double sided versions so you can purchase according to your own requirements. Pit two teams against each other in a head-to-head time trial or have one side for football/darts and the other for golf/darts. Their versatility is what makes them so unique and such great value for money.

Kick Darts Price

Kick darts boards not only provide endless hours of entertainment but their durable construction means that they will last the course of time no matter how powerful the shots fired at it are. They could be or a valuable training accessory or a lucrative source of income.

Kick darts prices will vary depending upon the configuration that you require but no matter which variation you choose you can add personal logos to the dart board at no extra charge. You can preview the design beforehand and change anything that you like before it is finalised.

Kick darts bring out the big kid in all of us, and at such an affordable price too. Take them to a festival, a social event or a wedding and charge either a set fee or a smaller amount per number of balls and watch the money roll in. Purchase a double-sided unit and you can maximise your money-making potential. Maintenance is kept to a minimum as they are weatherproof and made of heavy duty PVC, and they can be inflated and deflated in a matter of minutes.

Starting at just £999.99 including free logos and free worldwide delivery, kick darts boards are available NOW at incredibly low prices. Contact us now if we can help you in any way in deciding which inflatable foot darts board is the best one for you.

Buy Soccer Darts

If you are thinking of buying a soccer darts set then you’ll want to know what is included in the price. You will get;

  • One inflatable kick darts board (single or double-sided)
  • One electric air blower (with the exception of Style C as it is not required)
  • One extendable net and pole
  • Six balls - Footballs or Golf balls, you decide. (Additional balls are available here if required)

There is a reason that the football darts board is one of our best sellers. Also included in the price is unlimited hours of amusement. Kick darts are suitable for all ages and all budding Lionel Messi’s and Tiger Woods’. It’s a great way to promote a business, the perfect opportunity to bring a group of people together, and the main attraction of any event.

We guarantee that our prices will not be beaten and our customer service is second to none.

Foot Dartboard

The foot dartboards that we have for sale have proven to be so popular that we have recently extended our range. We now have three different options available that can be tailored to your requirements. Choose from;

  • Single or double-sided boards
  • Football or golf ball configurations
  • Sizes range from 15 feet to 18 feet
  • Boards that require constant air supplies and boards with a one-way valve that only need blowing up before use

All of these options come with FREE logos of your choice and can be shipped anywhere in the world at no extra cost to you.

You could purchase multiple inflatables to be used at a soccer academy, use them as part of a charity fundraiser or have a scream with a bunch of lads on a stag do. Whatever you decide to use your foot dartboard for, you can be sure of a lot of competitiveness, a lot of laughs and a lot of value for your money.

Where to Buy Foot Darts?

With so much fun and potential revenue to be made, it’s more than understandable that football darts boards are in high demand. You’re probably wondering where to buy these foot darts from?

The football darts options that we have for sale are fully customisable and are so good that they are used by professional football teams. Delivery is fast and free and setting up the dartboard itself takes less time than boiling a kettle to have a brew while it is inflating.

Our customer reviews tell you everything you need to know. Our products are made of the highest quality, or customer services is unsurpassed and the sheer amount of un that people are having with them is unparalleled.

If you would like more information on football darts, golf darts, kick darts, customisation options then please get in touch. There are four different ways of getting in touch with us:

  • Send a message to Max Leisure using the form provided on our website
  • Speak to us using live chat if you need a more immediate response

We look forward to speaking to you soon and together we can tailor your football darts needs to suit your exact specifications.

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