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Max Leisure Floating Exercise and Aqua Yoga Mats

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Water Exercise Mats For Sale

We offer the best inflatable products for a range of activities and games including inflatable exercise mats to be used on water.Air Trak Supplier

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Our inflatable aqua yoga mats are perfect for exercising.

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Floating Exercise Mat For Sale

Many of our clients choose to buy the inflatable floating exercise mats

Max Leisure, your favourite bespoke speciality designer and producer of fully customisable inflatable products, is especially proud to announce the latest addition to our catalogue – the floating fitness mat.

Our floating exercise mat offers a unique, innovative, and amusing approach to fitness. Gone are the days of half-heartedly schlepping to the gym or yoga studio for another boring workout. If you are looking for something to reinvigorate your physical prowess, look no further.

Traditional methods of working out typically train select body parts or muscle groups, one at a time. That is no longer the case when you use our floating platform to get your heart rate up. The exclusive design and concept of our aqua mats offer a total body workout and the opportunity for opposing muscle groups to be worked at the same time – something not often achieved in most conventional exercise regimes.

Because users must continually maintain their balance while utilising our platform, their oft-ignored core muscles are forced to remain fully engaged for the duration of the exercise. Additionally, even the most basic of tasks is made more challenging just by the added dynamic of maintaining balance while floating atop the water.

Our platforms are constructed of the finest military grade PVC material and are specially designed to maintain their impermeability and rigidity, allowing them to retain their ability to float for extended periods of use without issues such as water absorption or sinking. Further, due to the high quality of material used in the construction of our floating exercise mats, they are extremely resistant to punctures or tears.

Each floating fitness mat is extremely rigid, stable, and buoyant enough to easily bear a load of more than 400 pounds (181.4 kg) on top of its fully inflated surface area of 86.6in x 35.4in (220cm x 90cm). We’re so confident in our floating fitness mat’s floatability we’d like to tell you that you could literally invite a fledgeling sumo wrestler onto your floating mat with you, but why would you want to? So, instead, we'll just brag about its durability by saying that barring using it to defend yourself in a fight against a bobcat, you will not be able to sink this thing.

Our mats have been adopted by a large international following of yogis who employ them as floating aqua yoga mats. As if holding a correctly executed downward dog pose wasn’t already challenging enough, the added exertion of holding any pose while floating on water enriches the experience by requiring intensified focus and even more purposeful breathing. Water as an element has long been revered and studied for its calming effect on the human psyche. When combined with a consistent yoga practice via our mats, it is certain to produce an even more holistic and fulfilling experience for the practitioner.

Although it is the perfect tool for practising yoga or working out solo, aqua fitness classes that utilise our floating fitness mats are springing up across the globe! Our specially designed platform offers the perfect amount of space for multiple forms of exercise within its small footprint. Ideal for use in swimming pools and other restricted bodies of flat water, optimal class sizes are those consisting of ten (10) participants per instructor.

In addition to yoga, a quick online search will reveal that our mats have been adopted for use in water aerobics, aquatic Pilates, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), resistance band training, muscular endurance training with medicine balls, and any number of other fitness programs innovative minds can come up with. Even the United States Army has been using floating exercise mats to train their Soldiers physically. Also across the pond, American Pool, America’s largest commercial swimming pool authority, recently published an article about the rapidly growing floating mat fitness trend.

As perfect for use out of the water as it is in, our water exercise mats include an attachable base for use on solid surfaces which simulates the same challenges experienced by using the mat on water. This provides an incredibly safe and controlled form of instability for users who may be water-averse.

Need ideas about how to use our floating mats to their fullest potential? Look no further than YouTube. Always a bottomless well of video-based goodness, YouTube doesn't disappoint with the vast selection of videos (both instructional and informative) returned after entering a simple query of "floating exercise mat training.”

Our mats also make for optimal land and water-based physical therapy and balance recovery training tools. Nothing reveals muscle and kinesiological imbalances more aptly than does attempting to maintain one’s balance on an unstable surface. Our floating exercise mats offer an opportunity for balance training unrivaled by any other apparatus to date.

Also available for use exclusively with our water exercise mats, is a set of tethering cables that allow mats to be tied to poolside anchors, other floating mats, or swim lane lines. The tethers can also be used effectively as towing lines when swimming to your desired pool position or location in open water.

At Max Leisure, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality items that meet the needs of our customers from around the world. We have worked hard to provide the best customer service experience for our clientele, and it doesn’t stop when you place your order. If there is ever any issue with one of our products we strive to help you resolve that issue quickly, and to your complete satisfaction. Our highly-trained customer service representatives are always standing by, ready to assist should the need arise.

As a last note, we want to ensure that you are aware of our offering for international delivery as well as delivery within the UK for all products. In many cases, we are also able to provide expedited shipping. We look forward to receiving and processing your order in the very near future.

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