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Inflatable Event Photo Booths for Sale

Perfect for any event

Portable Photo Booths

You can buy and install an inflatable photo booth at your event to make things more enjoyable and interesting for your guests. Raise the fun level by offering props to your guests while they take some memorable photos.

Each Photo Booth includes:

  • Free customisation by personalising the colours and adding your logo
  • Free props
  • Free electric air blower
  • Free carry bag
  • Free worldwide shipping


Choose from the styles below:

Customise Photo Booth Guarantee

The world's best Inflatable Photo Booths

Take them anywhere!

Buy Inflatable Photo Booths

How about mesmerising your guests with inflatable event booth? Well, just imagine a prospective customer (or an attendee as many would like to call) walking in to a huge convention centre and scanning to find huge crowd, a deluge of signs and colourful paraphernalia. Once, he starts moving from one exhibitor’s to booth to another, his eyes get fixed on an inflatable event booth in the room. He is obviously intrigued and moves on to make beeline just outside the exhibit, which happens to be the one that you have installed!

Buy an inflatable event cube or inflatable photo booth to hog the limelight!  

Isn’t that a great feeling? Irrespective of whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a birthday party, inflatable event booth or inflatable event cube becomes the centre of attraction for sure. There are obviously no other way inexpensive and sure way of catching the fancy of your prospective clients, customers and guests other than arranging for an inflatable event cube or an inflatable photo booth.    

Portable Inflatable event cubes

An inflatable event booth is both functional and portable, which makes your event stand out in the crowd and get noticed quite easily. At a huge conventional centre, there are hundreds of other exhibitors (some of which are your competitors as well) and everyone will try different marketing techniques to catch the attention of the attendees. You can’t take a chance and let your competitors take away your prospective customers. Your best bet in such a situation is to buy and install an inflatable event cube.

These cubes are portable and reusable so you can easily and fold them and take them to any event you want. These are light and easily installed at a short notice. Valuable time saved, which you can use to focus on other important business activities.

Convenience of Photo Booths

We sell some of the most creative, imaginative and prominent inflatable even booth and you can buy them for their sheer convenience. Just imagine when you have to travel to multiple corporate events in a week and you can’t afford to lose out on the valuable time. Inflatable event booth is the best thing that you can have because they can be conveniently packed off to any location you want.

Travelling with these inflatable event cubes is pretty easy as they can be deflated, packed in a small package and delivered to any location of your choice. You can buy a variety of customised inflatable event cube that carries your brand’s logo and other signage. You’re ready for business the moment you step in!

Choices Galore of Event Cubes

We sell inflatable event booths of different designs and makes – you can choose from a wide range of inflatable event cubes. Our creative designing team keeps on adding new designs to our already long list of incredibly designed inflatable event booths.

You have the choice of ordering from our redesigned inflatable event cubes or place a customised order as per your needs. We will get it designed and delivered to you within a short time so that you’re up and running with your event at the earliest.

Inflatable Photo Booths to Make an Event Memorable

You can buy and install an inflatable photo booth at your event to make things more enjoyable and interesting for your guests. Raise the fun level by offering props to your guests while they click some memorable photos. From coconut bikinis to oversized sunglasses, you can choose a wide range of props for your inflatable photo booth. We even sell inflatable photo booths fitted with mesmerising LEDs that simply lights up the event. We sell inflatable photo booth fitted with some of the most colourful and high-quality LED lights that certainly promises to take things a notch higher.

Inflatable event cubes can also be fitted with inflatable photo booth as both are equally convenient and functional. You just need to deflate, pack and carry it to your next location without worrying about the installing. Installation of the inflatable photo booth is too easy and takes less than the minute before you’re ready for business!

Create Memories at your Event

The inflatable photo booth provides some personal space to your guests where they can create memories and not just click photos. You can provide cardboard cut outs of Hollywood stars for your guests to click photos. Your guests can even write personal messages alongside the photos to make the event more memorable for you. Not just corporate events, you can even buy inflatable photo booth for private birthday and marriage parties.

You can look back at your marriage or birthday party with a sense of complete satisfaction and happiness because you provided all your guests with sincere fun and excitement. The inflatable even booth or photo booth is just a say to up the level of excitement and fun at your parties, while encouraging your guests to have some great time.

You can encourage your guests to take photographs and leave personal message for you and your family. If you are hosting a corporate party then you can get the crowd moving by just allowing them to let their hair down and enjoy some fun moments in the inflatable photo booth.

Order your inflatable event cube today 

You can buy an inflatable even cube from our huge collection of pre-manufactured inflatable event booths. Alternatively, you can also place an order for a customised inflatable event booth and get it delivered at the earliest. We are offering great discounts on all inflatable event cubes and photo booths, so place your order today to avail the attractive discount offer.

Seamless order placement and swift delivery

You can buy inflatable event booths by placing an online order easily and experience our swift delivery service. Right from placing an order to receiving the delivery, you will have a seamless experience because from payment to checkout, everything has been designed keeping your needs in mind.

Order today and enjoy incredible discounts on all inflatable event booths!


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