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Advertising Inflatables

Perfect for any event

At Max Leisure we are the experts in designing and creating amazing advertising inflatables in all shapes and sizes.

Our design team can work closely with your needs and create you a preview of your custom made advertising inflatable before it goes into production.

The advertising inflatables range from inflatable tents to inflatable arches, we can also make inflatable replicas and mascots if that is what you require. 

Advertising inflatables such as our inflatable canopy or inflatable spider tent are perfect for trade events. Our design team is fantastic at creating new ideas that draw potential customers in because of the WOW factor they bring.

  • Design and manufacture inflatables
  • Competitive prices
  • 2-3 week lead time

Advertising Inflatables made to order

Any inflatable such as characters, mascots, product replicas, buildings can be designed for you and created. Our bespoke inflatables are designed, created and provided to the top brands worldwide.

Our design team factor in all of the customers needs, often going the extra mile working through the night to make sure deadlines are hit. 

Product Advertising Inflatable Design

We have a huge range of inflatables that can be made for your project.

Any colour, size and shape can be designed and created for you. We really do have the best team in place to fulfil your needs. We also don't charge you any extra for delivery which keeps the cost down for you.

Where Can I Buy Branded Replica Inflatables?

Here at Max Leisure we can create you a branded product replica inflatable. Our design team can design the inflatable for your event, providing you with 2D and 3D previews. We can make bespoke inflatables ranging from 2 meters high to a massive 20 meters high.

During our consultancy we can provide you with expert advice for your project.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your project.

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